SCS Partner is a specialist in the area of supply chain, ensuring it delivers practical, real-world solutions that work. It is also fresh look at the possibility of purchasing, selling and distribution of goods and services.
Together with our clients we are looking for new opportunities and developments of the business.

SCS Partner supports clients with all areas of their wide logistics, with particular focus on purchase and sales solutions as well as supply chain optimization. Co-operation with our clients is always a long-term engagement, which ensures deep market insight and a good understanding of clients’ needs.
Together with our clients we define the strategy, agree on the tactics, and define further activities to ensure a close match with their purchase needs and sales goals with the assumed targets.
Through our international and domestic networks, we are able to continuously monitor purchase prices and availability of products and services clients need. For this reason, we know what is on the market, and where to get it. With the other, sales network we are able to assist our clients to sell their products in an effective and efficient way. We help to achieve performance they probably could not generate on their own.
If you want to increase the value and potential of your products or services, expend the sales and at the same time optimize costs associated with it, we are the right partner.